ZUSHi Modena
059270669 | Via Emilia Est, 770 41122 Modena

healthy life

Food plays a very special role in both Japanese and Italian culture, it is full of meaning and rituals.

In our restaurants we have taken the teachings and wisdom of ancient traditions and enriched them with new knowledge on healthy food to offer you sushi, sashimi and many other healthy and fresh specialties.


If you choose ZUSHi you are green because we select only fish from suppliers approved by "Friend of the Sea", an international certification program for sustainable products and services that protect the marine environment.


Each dish on our menu is prepared with the freshest ingredients, constantly monitored by our in-house biologist to provide you with healthy, tasty, quality sushi and sashimi every day.


Before making our dishes, the fish is blast chilled at -20°C in professional freezers and then served the same day to guarantee the freshness and taste of freshly caught fish.


Like true artisans, our chefs prepare each dish by hand at the time of ordering, carefully cutting the fish, preparing the rice and composing each individual dish.


Perfect for those who like to eat well and stay healthy by adopting a balanced diet, sushi contains all the most important nutrients our bodies need on a daily basis.